A Human Just Simply Can’t Work A Seller Lead Like FollowUp.com Can

Work More Leads, Get 30X More Calls, Go On More Seller Appointments & Do More Deals

We Can Get Your Phone Ringing With The Right Motivated Sellers In 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 

Signup with your very own FollowUp.com account below

This system will perfectly work any seller lead you run through it. It’s like having a personal assistant that never takes a vacation or makes a costly mistake for your business. Oh and this assistant is only $9/month (30 cents a day) which will save you A TON of money and finally get you the results you’ve always wanted.

Step 2 

Login & build your perfect follow up process or select one of our already built & proven templates

  Setup Time: 5-10 Minutes

Use Our Powerhouse Drop And Drag Builder To Send Whatever Custom Follow Up You Want & When You Want It Sent!

Step 3 

Import any seller lead you want  into your perfect Follow Up system

Pre-Foreclosure, Vacant, Out of State Owners, Absentee Owners, Divorce, Tax Delinquent, FSBO leads etc. 

Step 4 

Now that you have all of your follow-up built and your leads have been imported into the system, All of your leads will be get perfectly worked and your phone will start ringing with sellers that are ready to sell you their home.

Seller Isn’t Motivated Right Now? No Problem

This is where you will really see the true power in FollowUp.com. When a seller responds to your follow up but isn’t motivated to sell, it’s just a no for now. Our system will automatically stay in front of your leads however you wish.

  • Direct To Voicemail
  • ​Text Messages
  • ​Hand-Written Thank You Cards
  • ​Hand-Written Chat Soon Cards
  • ​Postcards (With Hand-Written Address)
  • ​Emails

This quickly takes a seller who isn’t motivated when they first called you, strategically stays in front of them in different ways and when they change their mind guess who’s at the top of their mind and who they call? YOU

Just because a seller tells you that they’re not interested right now doesn’t mean that your follow-up should stop. It means that you should start following up with them in different ways over a longer period of time and that’s what will make you stand out and be different from all other Real Estate Investors. You never go away

Nobody Will Ever Know Your Follow Up Is Being Done By A $9/month Robot

Our technology replaces many employees and we work around the clock for your business. Because you’ve got us sending out all of your follow-up with your voice and name, you’ll be the one building a relationship with all of your leads NOT an employee.

The power and the relationship with your leads will always stay with you and not somebody that gets jealous of how much money you're making and can quit and take your leads with them.

You Couldn't Do This Cheaper Even If You Tried

Our technology will be working around the clock for your business for only $9/ month. That’s just 30 cents per day! You couldn’t hire a cheap virtual assistant or an employee for your business cheaper than that.

All of your follow up actions (Voicemails, SMS, Postcards, Thank You Cards, Chat Soon Cards or Emails) that our system sends for you will be paid with Follow Up points.

It's really simple...

You load up on points and every time a follow-up action will leave our system, it will deduct from your points. 

Our point system works like gasoline in your car. You fill up on points, your follow up will go out and your points will start getting deducted. When you get low on points, the system will notify you to reload so your follow up will never stop. Obviously, the more follow up you do, the more money you will make.

  Points Can Be Purchased Right Inside Of Your FollowUp.com Account After You Sign Up For You $9/mo Subscription

The Best Part That's Game-Changing!

We don’t have any minimums or maximums on any of our follow up actions that you’ll be able to send. Everything is also custom so you can write what you want and say whatever you want to say to in your follow up!

That means you can send...

  • Just ONE direct to voicemail... or all the way up to 100,000+ voicemails
  • ​Just ONE text message... or all the way up to 100,000+ text messages
  • ​Just ONE hand-written thank you card... or all the way up to 100,000+ handwritten thank you cards
  • ​Just ONE hand-written chat soon cards... or all the way up to 100,000+ handwritten chat soon cards
  • ​Just ONE postcard (with hand-written address)... or all the way up to 100,000+ postcards
  • ​Just ONE email... or all the way up to 100,000+ emails

Not Only Does FollowUp.com Work &
Follow Up With All Of Your Leads 100% For You...

It’s also a full CRM (Client Relationship Manager) for your business so you can…

  • Send voicemail, sms and email broadcasts to your leads
  • ​Write internal notes about all of your leads
  • ​Upload important files that pertain to your leads
  • ​Tag all of your leads for ultimate organization
  • ​Respond to all leads in our state of the art message center

Is It Really That Simple?

It really is. We have already tested, done for you templates that you can choose from or you can build a follow up straight from scratch. Simply use our drop and drag builder to send what you want, to who you want and when you want it sent. 

If you do get stuck, don’t worry, you can chat with one of our support heroes right inside our app so that you can get the help you need without leaving FollowUp.com

You Already Know This But...

If you’re not following up in your business you’re not making nearly the amount of money that you should be. The fortune really is in the follow-up and we’re going to prove that to you as soon as you become a member of our state of the art technology.

The Biggest No Brainer You’ll Ever Seen In Your Life

It’s pretty much impossible to not make more money using our revolutionary technology.

To Make This Even More Of A No-Brainer. OUR BIG BONUS

When you subscribe to FollowUp.com for only $9/mo, we’ll automatically enroll you into our 90-Day Real Estate Challenge. John Cochran (The King of System) will be taking you by the hand and transforming your Real Estate Investing business in just 90 days using FollowUp.com! 

John will give you all the software, systems, coaching, accountability, playbook and resources you need to transform your entire real estate investing business. This is a $9,000 value that you get for free just for subscribing to FollowUp.com